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If you are unsure about what PlingStore does, please read the Info page.

The PlingStore application is a desktop application that runs on RISC OS computers. It enables users to browse the PlingStore database, and download programs, from their own desktop.

The application can be downloaded from this page in a choice of two formats: zip archive or self-extracting code. The zip archive is the preferred method if you are downloading directly to a RISC OS computer and have software which can unpack zip files, for example SparkPlug or SparkFS. In other cases (for example, if running PlingStore on a totally clean machine, so as to obtain SparkFS et al) we recommend that you download the self-extracting code which has no pre-requisites, and follow the instructions below.

Both methods provide, when unpacked, a complete stand-alone RISC OS application in its application directory (called !Store), which can be dragged to wherever you want to keep it and run it from.

To download the zip archive, click the Download Zip button to fetch the archive and save it, as-is, onto a RISC computer. You can then double-click the file to unpack the archive. DO NOT unpack the archive on a non-RISC OS operating system. This is because RISC OS stores filetype information in the file catalogue, and if the file is extracted from the archive on another OS that filetype information will be lost and the application will not run.

To download the self-extracting code (SEC), click the Download SEC button to fetch the file and save it onto a RISC OS computer. You will then need to change the filetype before you can extract the application. Click the Menu button over the file, move across to the submenu that opens from the file name, then open the submenu box for the Set type entry. Replace the existing entry with "Utility" and press Return. You can now double-click the file to extract the !Store application directory and its contents.

Download Zip Download SEC