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Useful Information about PlingStore

Welcome to the third age of RISC OS software distribution... PlingStore!

Since the inception of RISC OS in the late 1980s, software was supplied on floppy discs, with the floppy drive the only guaranteed drive for all RISC OS computers. From the A300 series to RiscPC in the 1990s (even through to Iyonix in early 2000s), the floppy disc was always available. But times change. The turn of the millenium saw floppy discs give way to CDs and DVDs, the media of the 2000s.

But now, the next wave of RISC OS-capable computing devices is upon us - boards no larger than a credit card can replace whole systems. Traditional media has become an optional extra (CDs) and floppy discs are long gone. A new method for supplying and obtaining software is needed, and the PlingStore answers that need.

PlingStore offers a centralised, managed download service specifically targeted at the needs of RISC OS users. Unlike services on other platforms, PlingStore recognises that a web-based service is not practical for RISC OS, as there's no browser in the core OS. PlingStore uses a dedicated RISC OS application which can be downloaded quickly and easily, which provides access to a wide range of software products, both freeware and commercial.

Software in the PlingStore is hosted on our servers, to ensure that applications are readily available, and not lost in "broken link hell". The software tracks version numbers, and understands when software has been added and updated. You'll be able to have your own profile of applications, and know when updates are available, but without the intrusion that such facilities often bring with them.

PlingStore follows a RISC OS philosophy - it doesn't force you to install things in fixed places, or make other demands. It is designed to be self-contained, and straightforward. Like RISC OS itself, it gives you power and flexibility, without obstructions.

But why "PlingStore"... well, that's a story in itself. On RISC OS, applications are identified by an ! character at the beginning of their filename. That ! character, commonly referred to as an "exclamation mark", is generally referred to as a "pling" on RISC OS - a british term reflecting RISC OS' british roots. In fact, an application on RISC OS consists of a folder of files, with a name such as !Store. And how would that be pronounced? Why, "PlingStore" of course!

So, we'd like to welcome you once more to PlingStore, and hope that it makes obtaining RISC OS software for your computer a pleasant and straightforward experience. And maybe soon you'll be registering your own software for download or sale on PlingStore?

!Store is operated by R-Comp who can be contacted on the usual rcomp at rcomp co uk address should you have any queries.